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Welcome to Gallery Amai! Established in 2022 following an inspiring journey to Sri Lanka, where we forged a partnership with the talented Sri Lankan artist, Dileepa Jeewantha, and his brother. Over the past two years, we have immersed ourselves in the art market, now offering both custom made paintings and pieces from two other skilled artists, Elena Mar and Anette Brekke.

Our passion for art stems from a desire to infuse more homes with color and joy. We strive to make original and beautiful art accessible to all by keeping the buying process simple and our prices affordable. Additionally, we take pride in our commitment to giving back; for every painting sold, we donate 100 NOK to the animal welfare organization Dog Care Clinic Sri Lanka.

Dileepa in front of a portrait.
Dileepa in front of a portrait.

Dileepa Jeewantha

Born 1980 in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Dileepa holds a higher education degree in multidisciplinary design from the National Design School in Sri Lanka and is certified in painting from VAFA (Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts) in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka."

He and his brother Theekshana have been running the gallery 'Saffron Robes Gallery' together since 2007. Dileepa oversees the art while his brother manages the business.

The entrance to the gallery in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
The entrance to the gallery in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

How we met. 

In the spring of 2022, I went backpacking with a friend through Southeast Asia, having just completed an organized tour around Sri Lanka. There, we witnessed stunning landscapes, majestic animals, incredible sunsets, beautiful mountains, and lush forests. With a few days to spare before our onward flight, we stumbled upon a small town called Hikkaduwa in southern Sri Lanka. The first evening as we wandered around exploring the quaint town, we noticed a tall white building that stood out amidst all the restaurants and bars. Through the windows, we could see an array of beautiful colors and various artworks."

"When we stepped through the glass door, we were greeted by a large room filled with dozens of paintings of all sizes, and a very friendly guy behind the counter. He was exceptionally fluent in English (for someone from Sri Lanka), and it turned out that he and his brother co-owned this gallery named 'Saffron Robes Gallery'."

"We moved slowly through, admiring the vibrant colors and motifs as we ascended the never-ending floors. The man, Theekshana, answered all our questions and gave us great freedom to browse around and pick out paintings."

"After spending well over an hour in the gallery, I decided to purchase some paintings to take back home to my family in Norway. The transaction went smoothly, and the paintings arrived in the mail completely intact after just two weeks. As I was leaving the gallery, I jokingly suggested that we should collaborate and sell the beautiful and affordable art in Norway. He immediately became very interested and quickly gave me his phone number. Since then, we have stayed in touch and now have a nice collaboration going."

Earlier painting
Earlier painting

What's so special about our art?

There are several aspects of our paintings from Sri Lanka that make them special. Firstly, the motifs in the paintings depict a life on the other side of the globe. Through these paintings, one can grasp how a sunset looks on an island far out at sea, learn more about the culture and people through a bustling and crowded street, and gain insight into the incredible nature that this country has to offer.

These are not just images; they are a portrayal of various aspects of life in Sri Lanka. Through the use of vibrant colors, one gains a beautiful glimpse of the incredible turquoise sea, the magical evening sky, and the green trees in a burst of life. It's authentic, brushed by a real person who lives a quite different daily life than us Norwegians.

Often, paintings are priced considering who painted them. Our goal is to offer beautiful and genuine art from a skilled artist at a much cheaper price than one would typically find for such quality. Through us, almost anyone can afford to have authentic decor at home, with a clear conscience.

Travel to another world, with wonderful artwork from Sri Lanka.

What's so exciting about art is that everyone has different emotions attached to what they see. Based on personal experiences, memories, and life experiences, a painting opens up for endless interpretations.

Take a visual journey through beautiful artworks and discover a world of colors and creativity, created by an experienced artist with 20 years of passion. Give your home a breath of fresh air with inspiring paintings that capture moments and moods in a unique way.

We keep prices low without compromising on quality to make authentic art accessible to everyone.

Take your time to explore our selection and find the perfect painting for you!

Simen Rotabakk, Owner
Earlier painting
Earlier painting
Earlier painting
Earlier painting
Earlier painting
Earlier painting

Help the dogs of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an economically challenged country, and both humans and animals suffer from poor living conditions. The situation for stray dogs, in particular, is severe, with many struggling to survive. We want to make a positive contribution and therefore donate 100 kr directly to Dog Care Clinic Sri Lanka for every painting sold through us.

This organization has engaged local animal lovers who do their utmost to help dogs in need. Within the clinic's premises, dogs receive freedom and care, as well as the necessary support to live a happy and healthy life.

By shopping with us, you're not only supporting a local artist but also helping to provide a better life for dogs. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

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