Custom Painting

Here, you can submit a picture and description, and receive a custom-made painting delivered home to you.

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Send pictures and a detailed description of the desired motif for the best possible result. Remember, almost anything is possible!

Our most common sizes are 90x90, 120x90, and 180x60, but most sizes are possible.

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You will receive a response shortly with the total price and estimated delivery time. If you wish to proceed, the artist will start immediately, and the result will be ready shortly. 

Satisfaction guarantee.

We maintain close communication, and you will have the opportunity to make changes to the painting until you are satisfied before it is shipped.

Order your custom painting here.

Our artist Dileepa is ready to transform your wishes into a living painting.

With over 20 years of experience and passion, you are guaranteed a unique piece of artwork. 

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Other paintings from the same artist:

These are not for sale, but they provide an insight into the diversity and style of our artist.